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The following prices reflect our basic starting prices for various wedding floral pieces using the most economical seasonal flowers,
      Flower Facts

Prices can vary on your wedding flowers depending on the time of year of your event and the flowers that you request.  The weeks around major "floral holidays"
like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day create a universal demand for flowers
and cause flower prices to increase from the growers
and wholesalers.
Calla Lilies, orchids and peonies are always on the higher end because they are very popular with today's  brides and in huge demand.
Some of our brides will
use a scattering of the
more expensive flowers mixed with more economical
ones to create the look she wants. Others will fill her entire bouquet with her favorite flower. After all, the bride's bouquet is the most important floral piece at the wedding.

$  75.00

$  45.00

$  20.00

$  25.00

$    8.00

$  15.00

$ 100.00

$  100.00

$   25.00
      Flower  Tips

Table Centerpieces typically
are the biggest expense of
your floral budget.

Using centerpiece mirrors
makes your arrangements
look larger and also makes
your candles look more dramatic.

If your budget does not allow
chair covers , floor length
linens are a must.  Nothing
ruins the look of a elegant table setting more than unsightly table legs.

If you are looking for an
elaborate arrangement
consider renting an oversize
vase with a removable
top arrangement . You can still give these arrangements
to your guests and return the large vases.

If you are on a tight budget select a floral design that
you can use in both the ceemony and reception area. 

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